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Top 10 PC Games 2018 You can’t afford to ignore – Best PC Games

PC games have always been the trend of gamers of the world. Even android gaming is in bloom but the trend of PC gaming will never end. Consider that you have to choose which game you will play that will give satisfaction to you. Here you can easily plan to choose which you must install for your gaming passion. So let’s discuss Top 10 PC games 2018.

The Witcher 3 – Top 10 PC Games 2018

The Wither 3 does not let you lose ambition in the Wild Hunt which shows that it is more interesting game. The latest adventure of Geralt of Rivia is massive, the world in which you can be lost for 6 hours and still can have plenty to do. Nowadays many games have sprawling landscape but The Witcher 3 is extremely dense. Its experience fills you with memorable characters, clever playing, and rewards for curious players.

The beginning story of this game is inspiring as it is warmly challenging, and the side expeditions are actually worth doing. After its release in October 26, 2007, The Witcher 3 has gotten many free updates and advances accompanied by two tremendous paid developments, Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine. The final version of this game is bigger, more affluent, and better than ever. You can also read The Best PC Games of all the time in terms of knowing the interesting facts of PC Games.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Top 10 PC Games 2018

Civilization VI is the newer version of its predecessor Civilization V. In new Game they updated graphics, sound and gameplay controls. The latest updates add a lot of new ideas to a true formula in the game. The players of this game are playing this game for years.

The game journey starts from villagers, who were living together to help another and building civilization as the Title name of this game points out the important history of Civilization VI. Villagers were curious to develop their land, so they were trying to do something that stands out them in the world. They built many beautiful buildings, planted many plants and cultivated a lot of vegetables and fruits.

They always tried to do something that inspire the world, so they were going towards more advanced world by their developments. In the meanwhile, haters from other countries hate them by seeing their progress, so they have a mindset to attack them. When war happened, haters destroyed the buildings and many other plans but haters defeated. From now to onwards, those who were progressing healed their destruction and now they are building the more successful world. So this is the story of this game. Click here for more info about this Game.

Hitman – Top 10 PC Games 2018

Danish company designed and developed this game and it is a stealth video game series. In this game, an easy start opens the way for complex new targets. You enter into another level with a target complete. You assassinate the opponent by different techniques. Hitman allows you to complete the target with complete different options. Player get special weapons as a reward on the base of more level completed. Read in Detailed about PC Games.

The Witness – Top 10 PC Games 2018

This Game is the puzzle game in which you are alone on an island, fenced by puzzles. Some of the puzzles are difficult but in reality, these are not, it requires logic to complete the target. You can test your brain while playing this game.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

In early stages of this game when it released, this game was buggy, worst and unfinished. The developers of this game spent three more years to develop this game from buggy, complicated and unfinished game to finest game in the world. Fine music, high performing graphics and Fantasy character make you love this game while playing.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a categorically amusing and steadily shocking role-playing game, one thing that develops and expands upon nearly all about its already eccentric predecessor. It could be a tedious game but as you more play this game you will get in touch with a great taste of this game it contains.

Overwatch – Top 10 PC Games 2018

Overwatch is a fan-art producer, a meme machine, a water-cooler spine, and a traditional preoccupation game. It is all of those things, but especially else it’s excellently tweaked viable video game that manages a fervent teamwork while certifying everyone is having a good time.

Total War: Warhammer II

Total War: Warhammer II introduces Warhammer universe in which player can do surgical strikes to proceed. This is a good strategy game in which the sequel is even better and it has so many improvements making it a new strategy game.

Half life 2

Plague Inc.

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